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Proposed Lease Revisions:


Text Box: Storage Lease for Lot  ____   Space  ______  Space size ___________________________  Effective date ________________________  Quarterly rent ________________________   






Property Owner Name _________________________________________________________________

Physical Address ______________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address if different______________________________________________________________

Phone number ________________________________________________________________________

Description of property to be stored_______________________________________________________

License number and State  ____________________   (A copy of registration for each item stored is required.)


THIS AGREEMENT is between the Blue Lake Owner’s Association (BLOA) and the Blue Lake Owner named above (Tenant.) 

RENT is billed and payable in advance for each quarter; pro-rated for any partial month.  No Security Deposit is required.  This Agreement shall begin on the effective date shown above and shall end when the Tenant notifies BLOA is no longer needed, or in the event of the sale of the Tenant’s Lot in Blue Lake.  60 Days Late on Payment make this agreement null and void and the space must be vacated at once. A lien will be placed on the Tenant’s Blue Lake property if full payment is not received.

RELEASE OF BLOA LIAIBILITY:  Any and all personal property stored within or on the leased premises by the Tenant shall be at the Tenant’s sole risk.  BLOA shall have no liability for loss or damage to any property of a tenant stored in the space or otherwise arising from any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to, theft, fire, water damage, rodents, vermin, or acts of God, and regardless of whether such loss or damage is caused by the negligence of a third party(s) or Tenant.  It is further agreed that the duty to insure is required upon the Tenant.

ABANDONMENT OF PROPERTY:  Any property which remains in the storage space after the end of this agreement shall be deemed to have been abandoned, and either may be retained or sold by BLOA.  Expenses incurred for disposal of left items will be billed to the Tenant’s account. 

RULES AND REGULATIONS:  The Tenant agrees to abide by all rules and regulations attached to this agreement.  Failure to do so will result in eviction from the space.


__________________________________________________TENANT                                 ______________                


__________________________________________________BLOA REP            ______________





Storage Rule and Regulations


  • A waitlist for spaces is kept by BLOA.  Only owners of Blue Lake property are allowed to rent storage space.  Owners may sublet to tenants occupying the Blue Lake residence.
  • Due to the high demand for spaces, an owner is only permitted one space per residential lot owned.
  • All items must display current registration titled to the Tenant. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to provide proper registration annually for items stored.
  • Spaces may only be sublet to Blue Lake residents.
  • All items must be contained 1 foot inside the boundaries of the space.  Pink whiskers delineate spaces.
  • All items must be stored on wheels so that they may be removed within 24 hours’ notice.  Nothing is to be placed directly on the ground.  For example, construction materials, tires, small boats, etc. must be stored on a trailer and not on the ground.  All items must be stored in a clean and tidy manner.
  • No trash removal is provided. 
  • No structures of any sort are to be erected on the premises.
  • Nothing may be attached to or leaning on fences.
  • No hazardous or toxic materials may be stored.
  • No camping or temporary housing of humans or animals.
  • No sanding, spraying, or painting to occur on premises by Tenant.
  • Unresolved CC&R violations on the Tenant’s Blue Lake property may result in eviction from storage.
  • In the event that legal action is required by BLOA to enforce the terms of this lease or the Rules and Regulations the cost will be charge to the tenants’ account.
  • Spaces determined to be unused for more than 3 months must be sublet to the next person on the BLOA waitlist or forfeited and the lease will be terminated.



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