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** Please contact the office for appropriate applications for your project **

Dated February 12, 1998

All items in this Design Guideline must be approved by the Design Control Committee.

The Design Control Committee Approval/Denied Form is dated and shall expire as of the date noted. You must re-submit plans after that date.

DCC will strongly encourage use of dormers, porches, changes of roof lines and other similar architectural features and details.


A. Drives and Parking Areas

1. Temporary drives and parking shall be compacted gravel only and shall be temporary only up to 7 months after the issuance of the original temporary Certificate of Occupancy at which time the Permanent drive shall be in place.

2. Permanent drives and parking may be concrete, asphalt, or pavers and must be completed within 7 months of the issuance of the original temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the residential unit.

3. Extending the length or width of a concrete pad, pavers or asphalt drive, shall be approved/denied on a case by case basis.

B. Entry Walks

1. Walks shall be constructed of concrete, asphalt, pavers, flagstone, or quarrystone.

C. Fencing and Screen Walls

1. Fencing and screen walls should be compatible in material, and architectural style with the primary residential structure. Colors other than natural wood will require DCC approval. Screen walls, fencing, and chain link fencing shall not extend beyond the front or side of the primary structure.

2. All fences should be built 4 to 6 inches inside the property line with all rails and posts facing inside.

3. Pickets must be _ of the slat length apart or less. (ie; 6� slats should be spaced 3� or less apart.

4. Decorative fence posts shall not exceed 36 inches and the top rail shall not exceed 29 inches. Welded wire only shall be permitted to be attached to the inside of decorative fencing (ie; split rail). Green coated welded wire will be permissible. Those applying to attach welded wire to the outside of the fence (facing away from the home) shall be approved on a case by case basis and with the main consideration being safety. No chicken wire will be allowed.

5. Corner lots may erect fencing based on the following considerations and at the discretion of the Design Control Committee. Each submission shall be approved/disapproved on a case by case basis with the attention to the following: Fence location in relation to visibility from each street in regards to safety; distance of the fence to the street and or bike paths or side walks also in regards to safety.

6. Fencing shall not exceed 6 feet in height beyond the front of the primary structure. Fencing that continues past the front of the primary structure shall not exceed 3 feet in height. Corner lots shall be addressed on a case by case basis with the above mentioned items taken into consideration.

D. Other Improvements

1. Other improvements that require DCC approval; garages, sheds, covered porches, decks, out-buildings, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc.

2. Any improvements over and above 120 square feet or attached to the primary structure will require a building permit.


A. Minimum House Size

1. 1500 square feet of finished floor space excluding garages, patios and unfinished basement areas.

B. Foundations

1. All structures shall be placed on permanent foundations made of poured in place concrete, concrete or cinder block, structural brick or APA permanent wood foundation systems meeting FHA specifications.

2. All axles, running gear, tongue and other appliances attached solely for the transportation of the structure shall be removed.

3. A minimum of 6 inches and a maximum of 12 inches of foundation wall will be exposed to the front yard view.

C. Siding

1. Siding for all structures on the lot shall be restricted to wood, textured plywood, vinyl, textured masonite or hardboard, stucco, wood shingles, brick or stone.

2. Any other siding must have a sample presented to the Committee before it can be considered.

3. No T-1-11 on house front facing street. On corner lots, no T-1-11 on street sides.

D. Reflective Glass or Glazing

1. Reflective glass or glazing will not be allowed.

E. Residential Structures

1. Filing No. I may contain homes manufactured within 5 years of the date of application to the Design Control Committee if they meet all of the above requirements as well as the following:

a. all siding, roof, trim, doors and windows must be in new or near new condition.

b. all paints and finishes must be unblemished and fresh in appearance.

c. photographs must be furnished or an on-site inspection by the DCC members must be arranged to insure that all requirements are met.

2. Filing No. II and IV shall contain only new homes.

3. Filing No. V shall contain new on-sight built homes with different architectural designs within 2 lots on each side and within 2 lots from across the street with the exception of corner lots, at the discretion of the DCC.

4. Garages: all homes shall have 2 car garages -- 2 cars parked side-by-side.

F. Roofing

1. All structures shall be restricted to asphalt shingles, cedar shake shingles or propanol steel. All roofs shall have a minimum overhang of 6 inches around the perimeter in Filing No. I and Filing No. II. In Filing No. IV and V, all roofs shall have a minimum overhang of 12 inches around the perimeter.

2. Filing No. I shall be a minimum of 3/12 pitch.

3. Filing No. II and IV shall be a minimum of 4/12 pitch.

4. Filing No. V shall be a minimum of 5/12 pitch.

a. all major roof pitches have to be 5/12 pitch.

b. minor roof pitch determination shall be left to the discretion of the DCC.


A. Standards

1. At lease 40% of the total lot area must be treated with a vegetative ground cover such as grass, shrubbery, ground cover plants, flower beds, gardens, and trees. Check with Mid-Valley Metro District before a sprinkler system is installed; a permit is required from Eagle County.

2. Trees shall be a minimum size of:

Deciduous - 1 inch caliper
Evergreen - 4 foot in height

3. Filing No. I needs to check the landscaping schedule for that particular lot.

4. Filing No. II, IV and V shall have at least 2 trees (see Suggested Plant List).

5. Filing No. V shall conform to the drainage guidelines as set forth in the soils drainage report from Hepworth-Pawlak Geotechnical, Inc.

B. The above landscape requirements shall be implemented within 7 months of the issuance of the original Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the residential unit.

C. The lot owner shall maintain landscaping in a healthy condition. In the event of the death of the above required trees, the lot owner shall within 7 months of the tree's death replace the dead tree(s).


A. The applicant shall show on the submitted site plan the areas of solar shading extending onto adjacent lots caused by structures or landscaping at mature size.

B. It shall be the intent of the DCC to preserve solar accessibility on all lots.


Cotoneaster Peking
Alpine Current
Golden Elder
Red Dogwood
Honeysuckle Zabel
Claveys Dwarf

Ash Marshall
Norway Maple
Silver Maple
Weeping Willow
Flowering Crab

Evergreen Junipers
Old Gold
Sea Green


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